Why I Wont Sell You Just Anything

When I get asked what I do I reply that I help ladies feel FABULOUS by finding them Gorgeous Accessories to compliment their outfits! This involves a lot of Personal Styling. I spend a considerable time with my lovely ladies making sure that the colour match & style is correct.  So will I sell you just anything – certainly not!! If I dont think the colours work or a certain style isn’t right then I wont let you buy it (unless you insist of course).

I have often found myself with a customer talking them out of buying something as I know it doesnt work & sometimes lose sales – yes you heard me correctly! This may sound somewhat strange coming from someone who owns a Ladies Retail Store?! I appreciate that in a large retail chain store if you take a purchase to the till you wouldn’t expect the cashier to ask you if you were sure you wanted to buy the item or if it was definitely the right colour….it isn’t their job to question your choice or judgement.

However this is my reputation & I pride myself on going the extra mile for my customers & delivering a great personal 1-2-1 Customer Service. If I dont have exactly what you are looking for & cant source it for you then I will make suggestions of other potential suppliers. This is the level of service you can expect from myself at Uptown Girl – so no I wont just sell you anything simply to gain a sale no matter how difficult the current retail climate may be!! If it aint right I am not gonna try sell it to you ladies!

Panic buying is a definite no no ladies! I see it often especially in wedding season when ladies start to doubt something they may have purchased elsewhere & start to panic looking to buy something in a rush. This is possibly one of the worst times to make that decision. I often chat to my customers & calm them down when I see they are very stressed & try to help them make the right decision – even if that means they leave my shop empty handed without a rash purchase they may later regret!

I hope this explains what you can expect when you visit the store. I love it when someone leaves the shop with a huge smile knowing that I have helped them feel amazing! Then I know its job done – I do LOVE my job & the shop! I look forward to welcoming & assisting you in store soon.